Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ready Set Plan: What to do after enagement

Congratulation!!!! You're Engaged You have accomplished what little girls dream of from 3 years on. You've meet Prince Charming and he has asked your hand in marriage. You've squealed and screamed and showed "the ring"! Now on your mark get set, plan!! Weddings aren't as simple and uncomplicated as they used to be. Many venues, are booked two and three years in advance. And there are so many vendors to choose from that one may feel overwhelmed. My advice is to set prioritise and seek the assistance of a professional event or wedding planner. Decide what is of most important for your special day and then seek wisdom from a planner on how to best accomplish your goal. We have been through the process a dozen times over and can predict trends and foresee possible pitfalls. We have relationships with vendors and can get you the best quality for your buck. Word of mouth always works best, also check Craig's list and other wedding sites such as ourwedding and wedding wire. Put on those jogging shoes and ready set GO!!! HAPPY PLANNING

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