Friday, January 8, 2010

Flower Power

Nothing signifies a wedding more than flowers. Be it a single rose in a bud vase or an elaborate floral display; flowers spell W-E-D-D-I-N-G!! It's your day , so prioritize on how grand the flora will be, but don't eliminate the time held tradition of flowers. Many brides are opting to go the DIY route, which is perfectly understandable during this economic shift. I suggest going to a local floral shop and paying for a sample/ instruction. Watch while they create and go home to recreate your own display. If you' re not brave enough to do that try Craig's List and local floral design schools for new and upcoming florists that will offer you discounted rates. Be sure to check their portfolio and ask for a sample. And for those fortunate enough to splurge seek your wedding coordinator/planner and friends & family for references for the best floral designers in your area. Most of all enjoy the time spent selecting and creating the floral displays for your wedding day, it goes by so fast . Take Time to Smell the Roses.

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